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Unlimited Classrooms, Students, and Assessments

Create as many classrooms as you want. Add as many students as you want. Create as many assessments as you want. There is no limit and no charge. Go wild!


Easy Access for Students

Students don't have to create accounts. Logging in is quick and easy using pass codes that are automatically generated when you create your classrooms.


Instant Results

Tests are scored instantly. You can view results by student to see individual scores and percentage improvement. You can also view results by question to see the totals for correct, incorrect and unanswered as well as calculated question difficulty, discrimination and distracter analysis.


Lots of Options

Choose from multiple question types, set time limits on assessments, randomize question order, include images for questions, test large groups (including students from other teachers), and export results to Excel.

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Simple Pricing

No monthly fees. No per classroom, per student or per assessment charge. Pay only for what you use. Pre- and post-test students for as little as 30¢ a student. See our pricing chart for details.


We've tried to keep pricing as simple as possible. Here's how it works. Every time a student takes an assessment it deducts ½ credit from your account. So a student who takes both a pre- and post-test will use up 1 credit. When you create an account, you get 10 credits for free to get you started. You can add additional credits to your account at anytime.

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Credits Price (USD) Price Per Credit
25 $25 $1.00 ea.
50 $40 0.80 ea.
100 $70 0.70 ea.
250 $150 0.60 ea.
500 $275 0.55 ea.
1000 $500 0.50 ea.
2000 $900 0.45 ea.
3000 $1200 0.40 ea.
4000 $1400 0.35 ea.
5000 $1500 0.30 ea.